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This page is here to help you apply to our server.  If you haven't made an account for the forums, do so now!

Writing Your Application
The application format is found here.  After reading this page and the rules, copy the format and paste it into a new thread on the application submission forum.  To do this, create a new topic by selecting "Create New Topic" in the top right of this forum box.  To do your best on the application, read the server rules.  When creating your character, be original and be modest, don't overdo your character.  By creating a basic character, you leave room to develop them as you play in the world of LotR Roleplay.

Application Review
Shortly after you apply, your application will be reviewed by an Admin or Forum Mod.  They will then write one of three things in reply to your post:

Accepted - Your application was approved and you can play on the server.  First, however, you must wait for a Game Mod or Admin to whitelist you in-game.

Pending - Your application must go through a few changes to be accepted.  The person who reviewed your application will leave a few notes on what you need to change or add on to.  Complete the changes and reply to the reviewer, so they know you edited your application, and wait for them to accept or deny it.
Denied - Your application was not accepted, due to either being errors or faults in the app or missing information.  You will be able to re-apply 24 hours after being denied, so do not give up if you are denied at first!

Why Applications?
We need applications to uphold our standard of a fun and enjoyable roleplaying experience.  We must make sure everyone who plays on the server is capable of roleplaying and following rules.  Applications also help filter out trolls, griefers, lore-breakers, etc.