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War Rules
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5th Jun 2015

War Rules
You are to follow these at all times.  Not reading the rules is not an excuse to being punished, it is your job to read them.

You need an actual cause to declare war.  If there is no RP reason, war may not happen.
You may not pass through another faction or kingdom's land to wage war without their permission.  You must ask in-roleplay to pass through their land to attack a foe.
If a high ranking member dies in battle (King, Captain, Marshal, etc.), they may /roll 50, and if the resulting number is 35 or higher, they may be captured and imprisoned by the other faction.  Whether or not this happens must be decided before the battle.
War costs money.  You must pay admins, or GMs, once a Declaration of War has been accepted.  
The location of a battle must be decided before the battle. A date and time must be set for battles so that both sides may have proper time to prepare for the battle.  Before a kingdom can siege a city of another kingdom, they must first win a skirmish, or field battle, to allow them to setup a siege.

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Forum » Rules » Rules Locked
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