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Roleplay Rules
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5th Jun 2015

Roleplay Rules
You are to follow these at all times.  Not reading the rules is not an excuse to being punished, it is your job to read them.

Things that are specifically not allowed:
Breaking lore

  • You must keep in-character at all times.  In the Minecraft chat, post with what your character would say.  Use /emoteme to 'emote' (for example, /emoteme waves to Frodo as he walks in the door.)
  • Any structures that are physics defying are not permitted, such as a floating base or 100-block tall tower that is 1 block wide.
  • You must use a roleplay-friendly skin.  If you are RP-ing as a dwarf, use a dwarf skin.  If you are RP-ing as an orc, use an orc skin.  If you use a skin that is not RP-related, such as a superhero skin, animal skin, famous person skin, etc, you are subject to punishment.
  • If you want to roleplay as an exotic, non-default race, such as an Ent, Beorning, or Troll, you must fill out an application.  You can find racial applications in the forums.
  • If you die in-roleplay, you may either PK (permakill) your character or act as though they were severely injured but not dead.  
  • Depriving another player of fun in-roleplay is punishable.  Don't play only to annoy others.
  • You must follow established lore when roleplaying.  The only lore you can create is through your roleplaying experiences.

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Forum » Rules » Rules Locked
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