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Combat Rules
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5th Jun 2015

Combat Rules
You are to follow these at all times.  Not reading the rules is not an excuse to being punished, it is your job to read them.

In order to start PvP, you must have the roleplay leading up to it to do so.  If a player runs from roleplay, you have permisision to kill them, revive them, and give them permission to resume roleplay.  If they do not resume roleplay, you may kill them and keep their items.
Combat logging is prohibited, if you need to log out then state so in OOC chat.
Combat is done in roleplay, with emotes.  In larger scale battle, you may choose PvP.  You may also choose PvP in small scale battles, but both sides must agree.
You must have a five second countdown, after both sides agree they are ready to PvP.
Running from combat with no roleplay means you may be killed.

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Forum » Rules » Rules Locked
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