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Welcome to the LotR Roleplay Server!

NOTE: This server has not yet released.  We need helpers for things like building, plugins, terraforming, and more.  If you would like to help, please head here.

Hello everyone!  My name is Hammer, and I am creating the LotR Roleplay server, a TRUE roleplaying experience in Middle-Earth within Minecraft.  We will make use of the LotR Mod, Custom NPCs, and many Bukkit plugins to achieve our goal of creating a friendly and competitive roleplaying experience for you and many others to unfold your own stories.  

Within the LotR Roleplay server, you are free to find a home within any of the kingdoms of Middle-Earth, go mining in the depths of the mountains, share a drink with a friend, enlist in an army and help conquer your foes, or, perhaps, even go on an epic quest to slay a dragon or destroy a ring.  The possibilities are endless.

Logging onto LotR Roleplay is nothing like joining just another factions server, or going on an all-out PvP war server.  Roleplay means you take on the role of a character, building his or her story as you play, gaining experience or knowledge as you go about the world, completing things like every-day tasks and making large scale decisions that may shape the world.

Our goal as a server is to provide a fun roleplaying experience for all kinds of people, where new players may learn the ways of roleplaying and veterans can come and create a new tale in Middle-Earth.  The server has a 100% player-run economy, all diplomatic relations and international alliances and wars are decided by players.  NPCs do little in shaping the world - if you want to buy some bread, the farmer you talk to will be a real player who has put in the work to grow the wheat and make the bread.  If you want a shiny new sword, or spear, you must talk to an actual player who roleplays as a blacksmith, and has used their skill to forge weapons.  Come experience LotR Roleplay to create your story!

In order to make sure everyone who comes on the server knows what they're doing, you must Apply.  This allows us to maintain a friendly roleplaying experience, and helps to filter out griefers, trolls, non-roleplay PvP kills, etc.  While you may not want to fill out an application, it is mandatory for playing on the server.
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